Hobby Eagle A3-L 3 Axis Airplane Gyro Flight Controller Stabilizer


Brand Name: HobbyEagle
Item Name: A3-L flight controller
Input Voltage: DC 5V-7.4V, powered from the receiver directly
Gyroscope: å±2000 dps, 1kHz
Servo Frequency: 50Hz/125Hz/250Hz
Servo Travel: 1520å±500åµs Limit 970-2070åµs
Operating Temperature: -40 䋀 to 85 䋀
Size: 43mm x 27mm
Weight: 11 g (excluding wires)
Works with all major receiver brands including Spektrum, Futaba, Hitec, JR, Tactic, and more.
3 Pre-programmed flight modes (flight modes are selected using a 3 position switch on your transmitter):
Normal Mode (2D Mode): this is the standard flight stabilization mode found on most airplane gyros.
3D Flight Mode: this mode will attempt to hold the LAST position the aicraft was in. For example, if you put the airplane into a knife edge and then activate 3D mode, the airplane will hold the knife edge as long as the pilot provides appropriate throttle input.
Gyro Deactivated Mode: this turns the gyro off to allow unassisted/non-stablized flight.
3 Wing Types: Normal Airplane, Flying-wing (Delta-wing) and V-tail.
One-key setting mode with colored LED indicator light
Remote Master Gain
Supports 50Hz, 125Hz, and 250Hz Servo Frequencies
Separate gain adjustment for each flight mode
Automatic gyro calibration (auto stick centering) at start-up
High Voltage (7.4v) compatible
Futaba S.Bus and S.Bus 2 compatible
Easy to use, extremely well-suited to beginners.
small, lightweight form-factor

Package Included:
Eagle A3-L Flight Stabilizer
3M Foam mounting tape
4 x 150mm(6") male to male servo wires to connect stabilizer to your receiver

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