RadioLink T8FB 2.4G 8CH Transmitter with R7EH Receiver


Brand Name: Radiolink

T8FB Transmitter Specification:
Channel: 8
Range: 2.4Ghz
One two-way switch, one three-way switch, two VR switches, four trimmers, four phase
trimmers, two sticks.
Defaulted MODE2, SwB control CH5, VrB control CH6, SwA control CH7, VrA control
Defaulted low battery alarm voltage is 10.7V, can setting in the T8FB configure software
The data is still updating

R8EH Receiver Specification:
R8EH 8 channel receiver support S-BUS, PPM and PWM signal
Operating voltage: max 10V.
Operating current: 19-25mA(input voltage 5V)
Size: 48.5*21*11mm
Weight: 7g
Section precision: 4096
Compatible with FUTABA S-BUS connection port, support PWM,PPM and SBUS.
PWM signal mode: Red LED, output 8 channel PWM signal.
SBUS/PPM signal mode: Both red and green LED, CH1 output SBUS signal, CH2 output PPM
signal, CH3 to CH8 output PWM signal at the same time.
Package Included:
1 x RadioLink T8FB transmitter
1 x Radiolink R7EH Receiver

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